Straus Family Creamery Adds Organic Milk Partner

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MARSHALL, Calif.–Correia Family Organic Dairy is the newest family-owned farm in Straus Family Creamery network of organic milk producers. Straus Family Creamery partners with family-owned and operated organic dairies like the Correias to meet the increasing popularity of its organic milk and dairy products.

“Our vision of sustainability includes not only the land and animals, but also the community," said Albert Straus, president of Straus Family Creamery. “Partnering with local family farms helps us meet increasing demand for our products while preserving the family farming culture and protecting the jobs it creates."

The Correia’s dairy, consisting of 235 cows on 148 acres in Petaluma, CA, converted their farm to organic production in 2007, hoping to create a more sustainable business for themselves. The relationship with Straus Family Creamery enables the Correias to continue to produce superior quality milk. and work with a local creamery.

“Our relationship with Straus Family Creamery enables us to continue the farming life we love," said Emanuel Correia, owner, with his wife Kathy, of the Correia Family Dairy. “Now we can operate in a competitive dairy market without compromising the values we cherish: preserving the land, caring for our dairy herd, and providing customers with a product we can be proud of."

According to Farm Aid, only a quarter of the two million farms in the United States are family-run, and their number is decreasing by an estimated 330 per week. According to a study released by the California Milk Advisory Board, losing dairy farms in California is particularly damaging to the state economy because the dairy industry provides more economic stimulus and jobs to the state yearly than either motion picture/television or wine industries. The study found that a typical dairy cow generates more than $34,000 in economic activity and a herd of 100 cows creates 25 jobs for California residents each year.

Demand for Straus Family Creamery products has been increasing at double-digit rates in recent years. Unwilling to expand his 300-cow herd size beyond what his 660 acres of land could environmentally sustain, Straus saw an opportunity to work with other local organic family farms as the need for milk increased.

“Bringing on a dairy is a commitment we take very seriously," Straus said. As part of the process, they spent time learning each other’s businesses, sharing ideas, and “ensuring both operations are aligned in terms of our commitment to quality and sustainability," noted Straus.

 Straus Family Creamery has existing relationships with the 100-cow, 200-acre Hughes Family Dairy in Bodega, California, and the Tresch Family Farms in Petaluma, which comprises two dairies with a combined 900 cows on 2,100 acres.